Free of charge for investing EB5 at IBID

The EB5 extension deadline is getting near, investors are choosing the project as well as the reputable consulting firm to complete the USCIS filing. With many large scale projects and prestige in the market, together with the special incentive program in August, IBID is being selected by investors as a place to assist investors in fulfilling their American settlement dream.

EB5 investment at IBID with free of charge until the application is approved

EB5 Investment
EB5 investment at IBID with free of charge until the application is approved

In order to help investors be more secure with your EB5 investment, IBID will process your EB5 file without charge until the investor’s application is approved by the US Department of Immigration Sign.

The program is valid until August 31st, 2017.

IBID introduces the most secure EB5 investment projects in the market

•  Escaya urban area project with the first EB5 fees refunded and preferences up to $15.000 US attorney’s fee.

A rare project with a special capital structure, with no bank loans, only from the project developer – HomeFed Cooperation and EB5 loan mortgaged. The EB5 loan is therefore the first priority when it comes to maturity.

In particular, you receive great support from the HomeFed Cooperation with a $ 15,000 US attorney’s fee.

•    Hudson Yard Project phase 3 – $10,000 of reduction in project management fees

The Hudson Yards are reusing old tram stations and a crude foundation built over existing railways and a complex city of 16 skyscrapers with more than 5,000 apartments. Shopping, schools, and campuses are built above it, making it the largest property project in history and the most livable place in New York in the future.
The project has received special attention from the New York City government and is the heart of the Related Cooperation. The project is calling for an EB5 grant with a special incentive for investors with a $ 10,000 of reduction in project management fees and commitment not to change despite any new legislation being introduced after September 30th, 2017.


View more details of Hudson Yard phase 3 project

Choosing the right project and the right consulting company from the beginning is the shortest and safest way to help EB5 Investors soon fulfill their dream of settling in the US with their families.

Investors interested in the EB5 program, please contact IBID for advice:

Ho Chi Minh City Office
5 floor, Master Building, 155 Hai Ba Trung,
Ward 6, District 3, HCMC
Hotline: 0916 22 00 68

Hanoi Office
Suite 611, 6 floor, Press Club,
59A Ly Thai To, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Hotline: 0988 139 238
Make appointment: https://ibid.vn/make-appointment/


Jenny Huyền Lê
CEO Công ty IBID

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